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African Horse



Hurl Halfcock, misnamed but well-hung, is an innocent let loose in Africa; he is a perambulating question-mark, searching the newly independent state of Zonkendawo for a new name, a new identity and a living proof of his cockeyed theory of evolution.

But nothing can be private for long in Zonkendawo (not even hlanganana! with the lovely Margaret from the Tonga Bar).  Everyone must be involved in Hurl’s identity crisis, and that includes the Bucket-Wheel Excavator Gang, the hippopotami who become Hurl’s natural allies, Ironheart, his equally misnamed love-manager, Pyper, the Great Writer of Lies, and many other Undesirables.


A bawdy black fair tale, a sort of Kafirs and Boers in Wonderland. The Times

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