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The Catalogue Of Men

Picador 1999


In The Catalogue of Men novelist and playwright David Pownall turns the Elizabethan world of Shakespeare and his contemporaries upside down, putting a darkly hilarious spin on some of the most famous moments and people in history.

‘William Shakespeare, renowned playwright, confidante to Queen Elizabeth, corrupter of 14 year old virgins, dealer in the occult. Which of these deceptions best fits the Bard?

Pownall’s tenth novel sees Shakespeare fulfilling each role in an early 17th century world where only the unexpected can be expected.  Pownall surfs the Elizabethan underworld with devilish skill, stripping away the facades to expose the real power at the heart of Europe.  What begins as an action-packed historical novel tinged with romance quickly turns into a genre-bender before unleashing an unforgettable ending. Truly fantastic. Time out

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