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The Raining Tree War

Penguin 1977 (Originally Faber & Faber 1974)


When Tarzan Cool Guy held an illegal party to celebrate Zonkendawon independence, everyone knew about it.  But no-one knew how devastating the consequences would be – for the Bucket Wheel Excavator Gang, for Bwana Arse and World War 1 Fokker, for flat-chested Margaret from the Tonga Bar and especially for Mamuntu, Wife of God and giant mother of her people.

This is the most remarkable comic novel about Africa since Evelyn Waugh’s Black Mischief : a richly textured, bawdy and riotous comedy of errors – and marvellous publicity for the beetles on the Raining Tree.

This not a first novel of promise, it is a fully fledged achievement. The Times.

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