List of stage productions

Q Chingola (one-act)

Arts Society, Zambia l965

Seven Foot High In America (one act)

Chingola Arts Society l966

The Spare Tree (one act)

Nkana-Kitwe Arts Society l967

Watch For The Morning (one act)

Nkana Kitwe Arts Society l968

As We Lie

Nkana-Kitwe Arts Society l969

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, UK l973

How To Grow A Guerrilla

Century Mobile Theatre l971

Library Theatre, Manchester l973

All The World Should Be Taxed

Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster l971


Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster l974

The Lions And The Lambs

Fylde Arts Centre l974

Lile Jimmy Williamson Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster l975/1984

Buck Ruxton

Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster l975/l983

The Pro

(one-act), Little Theatre Club, London l975

A Tale of Two Town Halls

Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster l976

Crates On Barrels* (one-act solo) (Paines Plough)

Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh Festival plus national tour l975/6

Not the RSC Festival 1985

Ladybird, Ladybird (Paines Plough),

National tour l976

Music To Murder By*(Paines Plough)

Edinburgh Festival plus national tour l976

Brant Theatre, Massachusets 1980

Theatre Rekjavik, Iceland 1998

Richard 111 Part Two* (Paines Plough)

Edinburgh Festival plus national tour l977

National Theatre, Cottesloe l978

Duke of Cambridge Theatre l995

Motocar* (Paines Plough)

Edinburgh Festival plus national tour l977

National Theatre, Cottesloe l978

Seconds At The Fight For Madrid

Bristol University Drama Dept l978

An Audience Called Edouard*

Greenwich Theatre 1978

Circa Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand, 1990

Livingstone & Sechele*Traverse, Edinburgh l978

Lyric, Hammersmith l980

Quaigh Theatre, New York, USA l982

Burbage Theatre, Los Angeles, USA l984

Barricade (Paines Plough)

National tour l978

Later * (one-act solo) (Paines Plough)

King’s Head, London plus national tour l979

Peacock, Abbey Theatre, Dublin l988?

Beef* (Paines Plough)

Theatre Royal Stratford plus national tour l981

Writers Theatre, New York, USA l986

The Hot Hello, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 1981

Master Class*

Haymarket Theatre, Leicester l983

Old Vic, London l984

Wyndham’s Theatre, London plus national tour 1984

Adelaide Festival, Australian national tour

Sydney Opera House l984/5

Germany (two productions) 1985/6

Other productions include:

Estonia, (National Youth Theatre), Poland (two productions), Sweden, Denmark,

Finland (two productions),Canada (two productions), Hungary, USA (four productions),

France (two productions), Holland, Russia (two productions), South Africa, Belgium, Israel.

The Edge (The Kosh) (dance play)

National tour and tour of USA l987

Pride and Prejudice (Cambridge Theatre Company) adaptation

The Old Vic Theatre, London plus national tour l985/6

Royal Alex, Toronto l986

Long Wharf Theatre, Mass., USA l985

Second national tour l987

Perth Theatre, Scotland 2000

King John’s Jewel* Birmingham Repertory Theatre Studio l987

The Viewing*

Greenwich Theatre l987

Black Star* Octagon Theatre, Bolton l987

Rousseau’s Tale* (one-act solo)

Not the RSC Festival at the Cockpit Theatre, London l990

The Gate, London 1990

National Theatre, Cottesloe 2004

My Father’s House*

Birmingham Repertory Theatre l991

Dinner Dance (dance play) (The Kosh)

National tour l99l

Death Of A Faun* (one-act solo)

Wickham Theatre, Bristol University Drama Dept. plus national/international tours l99l-2000

Elgar’s Rondo* Royal Shakespeare Company,

Stratford-on-Avon l993

London 1994

The Three Musketeers (adaptation) (Bristol Old Vic)

Theatre Royal Bristol l995

Northcott Theatre, Exeter 1999

Getting The Picture*

The Lyric Theatre, Belfast l998